Up and Down

Above is a visualization of ASCENT, DESCENT, HEAVEN, & HELL in the matrix of biblical images. In “Image” no. 21, Edwards notes the revelation contained in the Creator’s up/down ordering of the world:

21. The purity, beauty, sublimity and glory of the visible heavens as one views it in a calm and temperate air, when one is made more sensible of the height of them and of the beauty of their color, when there are here and [there] interposed little clouds, livelily denotes the exaltedness and purity of the blessedness of the heavenly inhabitants. How different is the idea from that which we have in the consideration of the dark and dire caverns and abyss down in the depths of the earth. This teaches us the vast difference between the state of the departed saints and of damned souls: it shows the ineffable glory of the happiness of the one and the unspeakable dolefulness and horrors of the state of the other. (WJE 11:56)