Image no. 78, TREES

In “Image” no. 78, Edwards finds “wonderful” analogies between TREES and the mysterious workings of Divine Providence. Trees have many hidden roots and crooked branches which twist and turn unpredictably, typifying the vicissitudes of life and redemption history.

We see the reverse in TREES of what we do in [rivers]. In these, all comes from one common stock and is distributed into innumerable branches, beginning at the root where the trunk is biggest of all, and ending in the extremities of the smallest twigs. The water here, in the sap of those trees, has a contrary course from what it has in rivers, where the course begins in the extremities of the smallest branches, and ends in the mouth of the river where the river is largest, and all the waters are collected into one body. What is observable in trees is also a lively emblem of many spiritual things, as particularly of the dispensations of providence since the coming of Christ. (WJE 11:80)