Light, Darkness, and Eternity

In “Image” nos. 1, 21, 61, 64, 204, Edwards contemplates the spiritual significance of darkness and light:

The purity, beauty, sublimity and glory of the visible heavens … denotes the exaltedness and purity of the blessedness of the heavenly inhabitants How different is the idea from that which we have in the consideration of the dark and dire caverns and abyss down in the depths of the earth … (“Image” no. 21)

Sin and sorrow and death are all in Scripture represented by darkness or the color black … (“Image” no. 61)

Ravens, worms, corpses, and graves are contrasted with hills, mountains, and the beautiful color of the sky. In Edwards’s biblical imaginarium, these things naturally correspond to either the beauties of heaven or the horrors of hell. Doctrines of judgment, reward, sanctification, and supernatural beings intersect the created regions of the heavens, earth and waters, animals, and humanity.

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