“Image” no. 1, Temporal Death

This visualization reveals the creational and theological network surrounding “Image” no. 1 of Jonathan Edwards’ “Images of Divine Things.” Edwards sees a dead body as a fit picture of the spiritual second death. In a similar way, sleep is a type of death, but it is also a state of spiritual unpreparedness:

When persons lay themselves down to sleep in the night, they are wont to put off their garments. So it is when persons fall into a spiritual sleep. Therefore it is said, “Blessed is he that watches and keepeth his garments” (i.e. by keeping them on) “lest he walk naked and they see his shame” [Revelation 16:15]. So when God’s people were building Jerusalem in troublous times, they did not put off their clothes (Nehemiah 4:23). (“Image” no. 121)

Edwards’s text courtesy of edwards.yale.edu.