Elemental Theology

Elemental Theology, inspired by Jonathan Edwards’ notebook “Images of Divine Things,” is an ever-growing exploration of his amazing worldview. Edwards’ radically theocentric view of reality is poetic—full of rhyme, reason, correspondence, and simile—a matrix of communication, or as he noted a “language” and a “voice of God,” Psalm 19:1–4, Romans 1:19–20. Edwards finds that both Scripture and experience attest to this truth. This project visualizes Edwards’ meditations on the Book of Scripture with the Book of Nature. His confluent reading of Word and creation unveils a natural theology and devotional worldview filled with revelation, wonder, and beauty.

logoThe meditations on this website reveal the emblematic synapses in Edwards’ thought as he connected Scripture, doctrine, and nature to reveal their interweaving. The nodes represent numbered notebook entries, theological categories, subjects, and Scripture references. The size of the nodes represents greater or lesser emphasis and connectivity. The color of the nodes represents significant statistical groupings. The lines connecting nodes represent associations between entries, theological categories, Scriptures, and subjects.