Darkness and Light in the Bible

Light is good and dark is bad. White is virtuous and black is evil. These metaphorical concepts are basic to human understanding and communication. Edwards notes that the sum of all beautiful colors is white, which is emblematic of,

Darkness, then Light

In “Image” nos. 54, 58, 72, 188, and 211, Edwards meditates on light following darkness—the sun breaks forth each day to dispel the night, often with a rich profusion of color refracting through the clouds and sky. Dangerous beasts of the nocturne hours retreat into their dens.

Light, Darkness, and Eternity

In “Image” nos. 1, 21, 61, 64, 204, Edwards contemplates the spiritual significance of darkness and light: “The purity, beauty, sublimity and glory of the visible heavens … denotes the exaltedness and purity of …