Edwards recorded in “Image” no. 27 that the tempests of the ocean and the dangerous white waters of rivers are shadows of the omnipotent God’s wrath and judgment. “The waves and billows of the sea in a storm and the dire cataracts there are of rivers have a representation of the terrible wrath of God, and amazing misery of [them] that endure it.”


The Bible is full of water. Within its pages we find the deep, floods, storms, rivers, brooks, waves, seas, fountains, springs, wells, droughts, baptisms, washings, rain, cups, drinking, gardens, growth, and many other instances laden with meaning. In the Scriptures, water represents people and their posterity, blessings and curses, cleansing and deliverance, violence and judgment, and much more.

Earth and Waters

Edwards frequently expounded the analogous relationship between nature and spiritual reality and in “Image” no. 82 he highlighted the three-storied structure of the created order: 82. There are three sorts of inhabitants of this world …